Rebels and Soldiers


Know your enemies. Learn the wide variety of Rebel and Imperial troopers.

Stormtroopers/Rebel Soldiers

Stormtroopers and rebel soldiers are the all-round enemies of the Star Wars™ Battlefront Missions. Though weaker than other foes you'll encounter, they move fast and can use thermal detonators to flush you out.

Shock Trooper/Quarren Heavy Gunner

Equipped with a powerful DLT-19 Heavy Blaster, the fearless shock trooper and Quarren heavy gunner should be considered a real threat. These troops can withstand a lot of blaster damage - and deal a lot of it themselves.

Biker Scout/Rodian Sniper

Keep a close eye on the battlefront if biker scouts or Rodian snipers are around. Fighting from afar, these troops deal the most damage per shot of any on-foot AI soldier and use Smoke Grenades to remain hidden.

Jumptroopers/Ishi Tib Jetpack Soldier

Using their jump packs to gain the high ground, these troopers will truly challenge your skills on the battlefront. Even when they're under your blaster fire, the jumptrooper and jetpack soldier can protect themselves with a Burst Shield.

Shadow Trooper

Seemingly appearing out of thin air, the Shadow Trooper can be a truly unpleasant surprise using its cloaking device. Be extra observant and stay away from the T-21 Heavy Blaster fire.

Demolition Trooper/Sullustian Demolition

Keeping a safe distance on the battlefront, the Demolition Trooper and Sullustan Demolition will try to lock-on to you with their Smart Rockets.


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