Experience all-new epic battles and content inspired by the upcoming film, Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story. Touch down from space onto the planet of Scarif and fight across the beaches and jungle, with the defiant Jyn Erso and the cruel but brilliant director of Advanced Weapons Research, Orson Krennic, as two new playable heroes. Blast opponents in a brand new multi-stage Infiltration mode, try out the new A180 and DT-29 blasters and Sonic Imploder star card. Band together on the battlefront for an epic Star Wars™ adventure. Welcome to Rogue One: Scarif.

New Locations

Four new maps set in space and on the surface of the planet Scarif.

  • Scarif Beach
  • Scarif Jungle
  • Landing Pad 13
  • Shield Gate


New Heroes

The defiant Jyn Erso and the fearsome director Orson Krennic make their highly anticipated debut on the battlefront as the two new playable heroes in the Rogue One: Scarif DLC.


New Weapons 

Jyn Erso's A180 Blaster Pistol
Taking on the Empire requires bravery and the ability to be able to adapt to any situation. The A180 is Jyn’s signature blaster pistol, and while it may seem ordinary at first glance, it comes with a few surprises. Replacing your hand of Star Cards, players instead will be able to equip this pistol with three different blaster configurations. All three configurations pack quite a punch and may be utilized for different tactics, but it takes time to swap out each modification. 


Orson Krennic's DT-29 Heavy Blaster
While Jyn represents versatility and clever solutions, Krennic represents the ingenuity and power of the Galactic Empire. For the player, we convey this through his signature blaster pistol: the DT-29. With its high rate of fire and heavy damage output, this blaster is a formidable weapon, though in turn it utilizes an ammunition system versus the traditional head mechanic found in other blasters.


New Star Cards and Powerups

Sonic Imploder
A sound-based hybrid grenade that temporarily blinds enemies, in addition to lowering their armor rating. The Sonic Imploder also damages any enemies in its immediate vicinity.

Sonic Imploder

TIE Striker Power-up
The Imperials can call in the devastating TIE striker to make strafing runs on nearby Rebel targets, clearing out heavily fortified enemies.

U-wing Power-up
Rebel players can take control of the U-wing's gunner position to rain down damage on the Imperials as it circles the battlefront from above.


New Game Mode: Infiltration

Infiltration is an intense multi-stage game mode that will have players battling across three phases of varying experiences and objectives. From battling in space among U-wings and Star Destroyers, to creating a distraction for your allies on the beachheads of Scarif. Infiltration is a unique new way to experience Star Wars™ Battlefront™ as you band together to help the Rebel Alliance achieve a major victory over the Galactic Empire.