Earn credits in the fun & tactical Base Command

Base Command

Play your Star Cards right to defend a Rebel base under attack in the fun, tactical, and card-driven Base Command game available within the Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Companion experience.

Defend Your Base

Command a Rebel base under siege from the evil Galactic Empire. Use your wits to combat the imperial forces and deploy iconic Star Wars vehicles like X-wings, items such as thermal detonators, and heroes including Luke Skywalker.

Earn In-Game Credits

Survive challenging Base Command sieges to grow your pool of in-game Credits for Star Wars Battlefront. Spend your Credits on weapons, Star Cards, and more.

Star Cards

Bring your Star Cards from Star Wars Battlefront to Base Command to create a strong and versatile deck. Earn the most powerful Base Command cards by progressing in Star Wars Battlefront.


Now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and
on Origin for PC.