February Update - Weapons Prev123456789Next Go Sledgehammer70734 posts Community Manager February 12, 2016 11:52PM As we come closer to the release of the February Update, we will be posting specific details of what will be included in regards to balance changes across the board. A lot of feedback was taken from the community, and a lot of data mining was done to see how the January Update changed the battlefront. Across the board, it was revealed a few weapons that had been balanced were showing to be slightly weaker than we had hoped in many situations. I have a feeling the community will be excited to hear the Bowcaster and Homing shot will be getting further tweaks to bring them back in line where we feel they should be. Yes, these would be considered 'buffs' but we're not going into specifics until we reveal the full patch details. Other items that will arrive in the February Update include weapon buffs against air vehicles, adjustments to barrage damage, DLT19 adjustments among other items. Our team is looking forward to the upcoming release, and we appreciate your patience. ThanksSledgehammer70Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager Flag Report