The Rebellion Remains Strong Sledgehammer70734 posts Community Manager February 22, 2016 10:30PM edited February 2016 The 'Lead the Rebellion' Community Mission started February 16th with the goal to reach 102,187 hours played as Princess Leia across any of the game modes in which she is available. The community once again stepped up to the challenge and reached 105,331 hours played. This marks the third straight challenge that the community has bested, unlocking everything from new outfits to double XP weekends. As promised, your reward is a new Princess Leia Endor costume that will arrive with our February update. This reward will be unlocked for everyone and will become the new default skin for Leia when playing on Endor. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Community Mission and stay tuned for your next assignment. May the Force™ be with you. ThanksSledgehammer70Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager Flag Report