Issue Tracking and Bug Reports (Updated 5/2) Sledgehammer70734 posts Community Manager March 22, 2016 8:08PM edited May 2016 Below is a list of items our team is looking into based on community feedback and reports we're seeing. The team is digging into all of these and we will be providing updates as we can.Online friend avatars not displaying correctly: Combat no damage in strafing runs against enemy fighters: Heroes on X1 Sometimes Leads to the Game Picking the Hero for the Player: platform, EE-3, SE-14C and DL-18 all lock up after a single trigger pull *when aimed at an enemy* (PS4): amounts for Star Cards not showing correctlyPower ups and charges floating high in the air on Turning pointAT-ST Token Bug on Hoth Twilight via Turning PointWin Rate Stat Showing 1% in-gameOrbital Strike Triggering BugCargo - Stealing cargo, cargo return/stolen issues, Untouched cargo return Post edited by Sledgehammer70 on May 2016ThanksSledgehammer70Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager Flag Report