“It would be unfortunate if I had to leave a garrison here,” Darth Vader said to Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back™. That exchange has served as the core of the experience we, at DICE, want to deliver to our players with our second expansion pack - Star WarsBattlefront Bespin. In our battle fantasy, Bespin is under siege by the Galactic Empire, as Darth Vader has deployed a dangerous garrison made up of stormtroopers and some of the most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy. Squadrons of TIE fighters have entered Bespin Airspace, and AT-AT walkers have landed on the streets of Cloud City.

New Locations: 

Players will get to visit memorable locations in four multiplayer maps set on the Cloud City of Bespin, from the platforms, bridges and unforgettable white hallways of the Administrator’s Palace, to the dark, industrial corridors of the Carbonite-Freezing Chambers. We’ve also added a map called the Bioniip Laboratories which, our lore-savy fans out there will know, is where cybernetics and other bio-implants were manufactured.

New Heroes 

The Bespin DLC also introduces two new heroes to Star Wars Battlefront - The Baron Administrator Lando Calrissian and the destructive bounty hunter Dengar. Lando, voiced by the legendary Billy Dee Williams, is a dashing rogue wielding his trusty X-8 Night Sniper together with his Gambling trait - which gives Lando a higher chance to land a critical hit with his blaster with the more enemies he defeats. The extremely talented Simon Pegg voices Dengar who packs quite the punch with his trusty DLT-19 heavy blaster and his Sturdiness trait giving him a higher resistance to damage with the more enemies he defeats.  


New Weapons 

X-8 Night Sniper

The X-8 Night Sniper is a blaster pistol with decent damage, cooling power, and range. It stands out due to its enhanced thermal vision scope, capable of revealing humanoids in most weather and different times of day.



While its predecessor – the EE-3 – focuses on precision and range, the EE-4 was constructed with a short and stubby barrel to allow it to fire more effectively at closer distances with spread shots. Despite the reduction in accuracy at range, the weapon makes up for it with a greater rate of fire.


New Star Cards


“Localized disruption wave that knocks out enemy blasters, turrets, and droids."


When the Disruption card is activated, a disruption wave is discharged from the soldier. The wave is harmless to humanoids, though will temporarily disable the cooling unit on enemy blasters. Enemies will not be able to cool their blasters until the disruption effect has worn off.

Shock Grenade

“The shock grenade delivers a non-lethal electrical discharge, leaving anyone caught in range incapable of moving.”

Shock Grenade

The Shock Grenade is a non-lethal alternative to the wide array of explosives in the game, where the electrical blast will stun enemies with high voltage currents. This offers team play options, where someone can throw a shock grenade to stun and scatter enemies, while her comrades run in and presses the advantage.


Scout Binoculars

“Powerful binoculars capable of revealing enemy units to the entire team.”

Scout Binoculars

The Scout Binoculars will mark and highlight any enemies in your view, for as long as you zoom with them. Be mindful; if you release zoom, or an enemy runs outside of your sights, the highlight is removed and you must readjust your aim to get them back.

When you press the Fire button, the binoculars will scan the area and any soldiers, turrets or vehicles that are highlighted at that time will become tagged for the entire team to see.


New Vehicle - Cloud Car


With the Bespin DLC, we at DICE are happy to bring players a new vehicle to pilot, as we introduce the iconic Cloud Car, native to the planet of Bespin. Whether fighting infantry while dashing between buildings in Cloud City, or taking on starfighters in the atmosphere of Bespin, the Cloud Car is a vehicle available to both Rebels and Imperials


New Game Mode - Sabotage


We’re also excited to introduce a brand new game mode called Sabotage. As part of the occupation attempt, the Empire has deployed several tractor beams on the surface of Cloud City to prevent Rebel ships from escaping the planet. In order to power the tractor beams, the Empire makes use of Tibanna gas generators that draw from the Tibanna gas native to Bespin. For the first phase of the game mode, the Rebels have arrived at the location where a few of these generators are stored. The Rebels must fight their way through the Imperial defense, plant charges on the generators and ensure they detonate before time runs out. If successful, the second phase of the game mode begins, as the Rebels must fall back to their Extraction Point and defend it until the transport ships are ready to leave.


Other Bespin Notes: 


As part of the update for the Bespin DLC, we will be raising the level cap to 70 and introduce several new Hutt Contracts for you to complete, with visual unlocks to claim and a collect new Star Cards. As with the earlier release of the Bacta Bomb, we want team play to be a focus in our future Star Cards. This is evident in both our new Asset Cards (the Shock Grenade and the Scout Binoculars), as well as our new Charge Card (Sabotage). Neither of these new cards are lethal when used by themselves, but with the backing of a trusty partner or teammate, it can decimate groups of enemies.

In addition to the new maps, characters, and Star Cards, the Bespin DLC will give players  the ability to unlock the new Cloud City Wing Guard outfit if playing as a Rebel, or the shocktrooper outfit if playing as the Empire. The Bespin DLC  will also feature balance tweaks and hero updates, such as the introduction of the Imperial Royal Guard for the Emperor, the Alderaan Honor Guard for Princess Leia, as well as our Enhanced Partner System.