Droid Run

“The GNK has become somewhat of a DICE favorite. We love that little guy. We even designed a dynamically animated antenna for it, so when you’re chasing it around in Droid™ Run, shoot at it and see what happens.”

Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall is not alone – there are many fans of the GNK and all the other Droids of Star Wars™. In one of the more unpredictable and fast game modes of Star Wars™ Battlefront™, you’ll fight over control over these mischievous pieces of metal against your Rebel or Imperial enemies. Brännvall explains:

“There are three active objectives on the map that you need to control. These aren't just any objectives – what you need to get a hold of are three different GNK Droids. What’s particularly charming with these is that they’re all moving and have to be caught before the capture process can start. This creates a more dynamic and action-filled experience.”

So, in tight and fast 6-versus-6 matches, your objective is to capture and hold all the three Droids before the 10-minute time limit is up. You’ll get help from weapon pickups but Heroes, Villains, and vehicles won’t be joining the run. Communication is vital, so let your teammates know if you've spotted a Droid somewhere, how to find it, and if there are enemy forces nearby.

”The strategies used are somewhat different than for instance Cargo, where your positions are more strict,” Brännvall explains. “You can choose a slower, explosive play style by equipping Thermal Detonators and Cycler Rifles. But your team can also embrace the dynamic, chaotic nature of the game mode and equip Jump Packs to get around the map and chase the Droids as fast as possible.”

The Droid Run maps are designed to be quite small to ensure a high tempo and player count. As with all Star Wars Battlefront game modes, there’ll be many map variations for you to enjoy when fighting on Tatooine, Endor, Hoth, Sullust, and in December, Jakku:

“Personally, I've had many great sessions playing Droid Run on the Ice Caves map on Hoth,” Brännvall says. “Gameplay-wise there’s a lot going on; one moment you’re fighting on open areas such as a Rebel encampment with a tarp-covered X-wing nearby. Minutes later you’re chasing Droids in maze-like Wampa caves. Hearing that ‘GONK’ sound effect echoing between the icy walls is both funny and a great clue on where you should be heading.”

So, if you want fast action and a mode perfect for a small, tight team, Droid Run will be a great fit. Read up on the other game modes and you’ll be perfectly prepared for the November 17 release for Star Wars Battlefront.