We’re excited to introduce a brand new game mode, Infiltration, that accompanies the Rogue One: Scarif DLC, available now for Season Pass players. This intense multi-stage game mode will have players battling across 3 phases of varying experiences and objectives. From battling in space among U-wings and Star Destroyers, to creating a distraction for your allies on the beachheads of Scarif.  Infiltration is a unique new way to experience Star Wars™ Battlefront™ as you band together to help the Rebel Alliance achieve a major victory over the Galactic Empire.

Stage 1 - *The Approach* -


Stage 1 of Infiltration starts off in space with an intense dogfighting phase.  The Rebels must attempt to escort a U-wing, with the help from Corvettes, through a blockade of Star Destroyers to reach the Shield Gate.  If successful, a team of Rebels will pass through the Shield Gate and land onto the planet of Scarif below. 

This stage of Infiltration features frantic dogfighting and trick piloting as Rebels try to navigate the narrow pathway between two Star Destroyers.  Fans will get a close up look at some of the newest starfighters featured in the upcoming film Rogue One™: A Star Wars™ Story.  But don’t let the ships distract you – you’ll need to focus and work together to get through the Shield Gate.


Stage 2 - *The Distraction* - 


Having successfully passed through the Shield Gate, the Rebels now find themselves on the offensive on the surface of Scarif.  In this stage the Rebels are looking to create a distraction to draw Imperial attention away from the real objective.  To achieve this, the Rebels are aiming to blow up one of two cargo ships as they attempt to confuse Imperial forces.

In an effort to stifle the Rebel advance the Empire can call upon the director of Advanced Weapons Research, Orson Krennic, to direct their forces on the ground. He is accompanied by his Imperial Death Troopers as they attempt to halt the Rebel advance. Additionally, the Imperials can call on TIE strikers to rain down fire from above.

To help counter this, the Rebels will have U-wing backup available in the form of a mobile weapon platform. Circling the battlefield, the U-wing will help to suppress the Imperials.


Stage 3 - *The Extraction* -


After the destruction of a cargo ship, the Rebels now find themselves in position to steal information from the Empire - all they need to do is make it back to their U-wing in order to escape! In an effort to steal this information and make a getaway, Jyn Erso can be called on to rally the Rebel forces.

Thankfully the Imperials will be able to leverage their heavy-handed might and technology against Rebel forces to assist in stopping them from stealing the information.  The Rebels now face heavy blaster fire as they storm across the tropical landscape back to the safety of their U-wing with the hope of escaping from Scarif.

These double ground stages of Infiltration offer a very dynamic and intense cat-and-mouse style of play as the Rebels try to steal the information and gives players a unique and dangerous battle environment.

We hope you enjoy this exciting new game mode in Rogue One: Scarif, available now for all Season Pass players.