Playing as one of the iconic Heroes or Villains of Star Wars Battlefront is a battle fantasy shared by many fans across the universe. Developing Star Wars™ Battlefront™, we set out to create an opportunity for you to live out your Star Wars battle fantasies. Crucial in this process has been to create playable characters out of the memorable Star Wars Heroes and Villains. In this post we’ll take a closer look at how three of these extraordinary characters have been designed, what their abilities are, and why you should look forward to them.

In the game modes supporting them, the Heroes and Villains will be unlocked through a powerup found on the map. Making use of their great powers will not only be a thrill, it’s also a great perk in the multiplayer matches. Make the most of the time you’ll walk in the shoes of the Heroes or Villains though – in some modes it will be limited to make the experience fair. Balance in general has been a huge focus in the Heroes and Villains design.

So with no further Artoo (sorry), let’s dive into the three Star Wars Battlefront Heroes and Villains we’ve revealed so far.


The ultimate Hero in the Star Wars franchise, Luke Skywalker is a powerful yet acrobatic character who of course fights off the opposition armed with his Lightsaber - a Jedi’s weapon. Luke has a varied and powerful moveset, featuring a wide-sweeping, heavy attack with the Lightsaber that can take out large groups of enemies.

For more distant targets, the Force Push is a gratifying move that will send Imperial troops flying, and Saber Rush lets you use the Force to propel yourself extremely quickly for a lightning-fast attack. So make no mistake: the Force is strong with this one.


The most menacing villain of Star Wars, arguably of all time, the looming and foreboding Darth Vader is designed to strike fear into his opponents. Vader is more ponderous and purposeful in his moves compared to the acrobatic Luke, but his abilities more than make up for it.

Vader also has a heavy attack for short-range uses that will come in handy when running into a group of Rebels. The iconic and evil Force Choke lets you strangle enemies from a distance and is great to combine with the crowd-controlling Sabre Throw move. The latter sees you throwing your weapon against a group of enemies, killing more or less everyone in your way. And as with all the Heroes and Villains, combining all these attacks is something we hope you’ll find hugely satisfying.


A mysterious, cold-blooded fan-favorite, Boba Fett is a very different Villain compared with Darth Vader. Gadget-laden from head to toe, this bounty hunter has several features that you’ll get to play with. The Jetpack lets Fett fly around the battlefield and take pot shots from the air with his EE-3 Carbine Rifle, making the Villain extremely mobile.

Boba Fett also has two wrist launchers, one armed with a rocket, perfect for long-range attacks, and one with a Flame Blast attack for when things get up close. You’ll want to keep your distance though, especially when Boba Fett battles with the opposing teams' Heroes.

For instance, when Luke Skywalker faces off with Boba Fett, a really interesting cat-and-mouse game ensues, where Luke must use his abilities to get up close and Fett must do the opposite. Like the rock-paper-scissors gameplay of previous DICE games, these fights are aimed to be both tactical, fun, and balanced even though asymmetrical.

And fun is where we want it to be. The main goal with the Heroes and Villains design has been to create an entertaining, authentic experience where you really feel you’ve really transposed yourself into the films and stepped into the shoes of the iconic characters. We hope you’ll love playing as Luke, Vader, or Boba Fett in Star Wars Battlefront - and as the Heroes and Villains yet to be revealed.