It's time to take to the sandy, war-torn beaches of Scarif in our fourth and final expansion pack. In Star Wars™ Battlefront™ Rogue One: Scarif, you play as two key characters from the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, out December 16th, and we wanted to introduce you to some of the gear you'll have at your disposal. Here are the full details on the two new weapons, two new power-ups, and new Star Card, you'll be able to add to your player hand this December.

New Blasters

Jyn Erso's A180 Blaster Pistol


A versatile blaster pistol manufactured to be swiftly reconfigured into a Blaster Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Ion Launcher.

Taking on the Empire requires bravery and the ability to be able to adapt to the situation. The A180 is Jyn’s signature blaster pistol, and while it may seem ordinary at first glance, it comes with a few surprises. Replacing your hand of Star Cards, players instead will be able to equip this pistol with three different blaster configurations. All three configurations pack quite a punch and may be utilized for different tactics, but it takes time to swap out each modification.

Rifle Configuration


Activating the Rifle Configuration slots a rifle module onto the pistol and – like the Stinger Pistol – it has a devastating fire rate that can dish out damage for a long duration before going into cooldown.

Sniper Configuration


By adding a stock and extending the barrel, the blaster becomes a long-range sniper rifle. The bolt travels significantly faster and has greater stopping power than a conventional targeting rifle.

Ion Configuration


Slotted onto the barrel of the rifle, the Ion Configuration allows the blaster to charge up and deliver a powerful ion blast.

Developer Tip:
Be mindful of the time it takes to switch between configurations, as the blaster needs to be assembled before being able to fire. Accumulating kills with the pistol will shave off time on any of the configurations that are currently cooling down.

While the pistol replaces your Star Cards, it will still utilize the Trait in your active hand.


Orson Krennic's DT-29 Heavy Blaster


A Heavy blaster pistol fitted with an energy pack that greatly enhances its stopping power and rate of fire – though it requires manual reloading once depleted.

While Jyn represents versatility and clever solutions, Krennic represents the ingenuity and power of the Galactic Empire. For the player, we convey this through his signature blaster pistol: the DT-29. With its high rate of fire and heavy damage output, this blaster is a formidable weapon, though in turn it utilizes an ammunition system versus the traditional heat mechanic found in other blasters.

Developer Tip:

Unlike the cooling flush on regular blasters, replacing the energy pack can’t be sped up. Be mindful of how many blasts you have left before going on the attack. As the DT-29 comes with an energy pack rather than a cooling unit, it’s immune to disruption.


New Star Card

Sonic Imploder


A sound-based hybrid grenade that temporarily blinds enemies, in addition to lowering their armor rating. The Sonic Imploder also damages any enemies in its immediate vicinity.

While not as destructive as a Thermal Imploder, a Sonic Imploder makes up for it against tougher foes. Capable of temporarily blinding enemies as well as lowering their armor rating – effectively making them more vulnerable to damage – the grenade is an effective new way of clearing out a room full of enemy soldiers.

Developer Tip:

Be careful when throwing the grenade as you will also suffer the blinding effect and armor reduction if you’re too close to its sonic blast.


New Power-ups

TIE Striker

The Imperials can call in the devastating TIE striker to make strafing runs on nearby Rebel targets, clearing out heavily fortified enemies.



Rebel players can take control of the U-wing's gunner position to rain down damage on the Imperials as it circles the battlefront from above.