Fans of Star Wars™ Battlefront have been utilizing the new private matches and spectator mode to create outstanding cinematic content. In our last round of videos, fans explored the details and beauty of all the planets on the Battlefront. Each week, we look forward to viewing the stories that the community submits.

Remember, if you have an awesome video that you would like considered for our Movies of the Week, please upload it to YouTube and email the link to StarWarsBattlefrontSocial@ea.com with the subject line: Star Wars™ Battlefront Movie. What will you create for the new digital expansion in the Cloud City of Bespin?

Without further ado, here are the Top 5 fan submitted videos of the week. Make sure to vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page.

  1. ViceneteProD - "Awakening - Star Wars Battlefront Cinematic - 1440p 60FPS Ultra”

2. Bombastic Gamer Films - The Beauty of the Jump Pack : STAR WARS Battlefront

3. Rollokster- Operation "Twilight Assault"

4. Storm cloud - Rise Lord Vader

5. Cinematic Arts - Survivors Of Endor